The number of sending congregations increased in 2014 E.C (2021/2022 G.C)
The number of sending congregations has in 2014 increased more than in past years. Some of them are Shakiso, Tabor and Nekemte congregations, which are mentioned as new sending bodies.
Missionaries are being sent. Missionary candidates are being trained.


EECMY- IMS is an Ethiopian global mission organization sending workers from Ethiopia to other countries. It was established in 2008 (1999 E.C) by the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus and has so far sent around 25 missionaries, including tentmakers, to countries around the world. Today, some 16 workers serve God in several African countries. Another 8 people are ready to be deployed in 2023.

IMS is now part of the great movement of missionaries from the Global South, making Christ known among people groups of the world. 

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