Ethiopia is the center of gravity of the mission

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Missiologists (scholars of missionary education), theologians, researchers of church development and historians have already started saying that Ethiopia is the southern part of the world where Ethiopia is the center of gravity of the mission, the global work of God, and the center of Christianity (the first to spread Christianity in the world). Let me quote some of the ideas that some of the world’s most famous scholars have said about Ethiopia’s part of the world so that we can better understand it. Philip Young, a well-known author and one of the most profound teachers of the Word, says, “I have been to many places and noticed a common historical movement of God, from the Middle East to Europe and then North America. But now I have noticed that God is moving in another direction (to the underdeveloped countries of Africa, Latin America, Europe and Asia)” he said. John Mabati, a Kenyan theologian, said, “No longer is the international center of spirituality and church growth in Geneva, Rome, Athens, Paris, London, New York, Washington DC, but Nairobi, Lagos, Johannesburg, Kinshasa, Addis Ababa, Manila, and Accra.”

In the 1970s, Catholic missiologist Wilbert Buhleman W. said: “The Church” of the South will be a powerful engine of international mission work in the third millennium. The second millennium will be the era of the dominance of the West (the American and European churches), and the third millennium will be the era of the dominance of the third church (the African, Latin American and Asian churches); He said. American missiology professor Roger said, “The world church leaders and ministers of the 21st century, practical Christian education centers and missionaries who captivate the world with the gospel by crossing borders are not from the West, but from the South.” This age is our age. Making this a reality in our current situation is unthinkable. But as it was said to the apostles, “When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will receive power, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). All the saved received the Holy Spirit. He is living in them forever, without the participation of the Holy Spirit salvation is impossible. What this section is telling us is a special fire of God because it equips us with divine power for service, it helps us break through the pressure of the flesh and the world and accept the gospel to the world.

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