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In the work of the great harvest/mission you are not just an observer, or a clapper. But you are  main worker. Find your role in the mission work of the Great Commission and play your part in building the kingdom of God. To help you with this, we have listed some of them for you:

  1. Praying, To send laborers to the harvest;, and for closed doors to be opened

2.mobilization, Teaching  and coordinating activities to instill mission service in all believers.

  1. Helping missionaries with ideas, advice, and logistics
  1. Doing mission work financially as a member of a mission society, a trustee member and a member of an institution
  1. Being a missionary with a tent maker, being a missionary.
  2. Moving through various social media with the main mission

. You add it which of the above numbers would you like to participate in?

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