From seed to harvest

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From seed to harvest

The Missionaries of Mekane Yesus in Central Africa are wearing the Jelbia and Lafai clothes, which are highly accepted by the community in the area and in this way they have created communication in the Chadian Arabic language. At Gonbo Hospital, they are receiving positive response from the society when they are offering prayers and counseling to the patients and their families.

They are also showing the Jesus-movie in Arabic and it is estimated that more than 70 people per day will see it from Monday to Thursday. It is further estimated that more than 13 thousand people saw it in 2023. And 36 Arabic Audio Bible players were distributed. They are talking and praying closely with 14 people who want to understand the truth and know the gospel. In fact, they have a few believers who are devoted to the gospel, but the missionaries in Central Africa told us that they have not made themselves known to the public because of persecution.

The Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus believers and our mission friends; unreached peoples are getting the opportunity to hear the gospel through the media and we believe that God will bring them to salvation. Truth is told through Gonbo Hospital. The seed sown will bear fruit; pray for those who hear the gospel through the work of the Holy Spirit to destroy the slavery and fear that is upon them. May the Lord bless you, continue your support so that the gospel continues, and more missionaries are deployed.


Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus

International Mission Society

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