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How God used a broken water tank

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Samuel Hayiso is from Hawassa and is sent by EECMY- IMS to Ghana in West Africa. Tabor Congregation of
EECMY in Hawassa has taken the full finanancial responsibility for Samuel, a great example for other
congregations to follow!
Samuel is a mechanical engineer and went to Ghana in March. He is now studying a local language in
Tamale city in the north of Ghana and told us how a broken water tank opened up for contact with his new
Due to the recent rain, the water tank sank into the ground a*er the workers had installed it, and then
started spilling water. The neighbors quickly came to collect the water, and this opened up for new contacts
for Samuel. Now the neighbors all know who he is, and they greet him friendly when he passes their
We pray that this will be the start for developing good relationships in the future, so that Samuel will be
able to share their lives and tell them the good news about Jesus Christ!
Nothing limits our God, not even a broken water tank.

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