Current fields

IMS is currently working in West Africa, Far East and an East African countries.
Through the 15 years of IMS history, missionaries have also been deployed to South Asia, South America, West Africa, Southern Africa,  and worked among refugees from East Africa.
During 2023, IMS is planning to deploy eight 8 more missionary candidates to countries in Africa.

Former Fields

Future Plans

  • IMS is aiming at fulfilling the Great Commission in areas where people still have a limited chance to hear about Christ and is therefore planning to recruit, equip and send more missionaries to the current areas of priority, which are East, Central and West Africa.
  • In addition to this, IMS is working towards sending tentmakers to several countries where there has been a request for this kind of ministry.
  • Asia is another strategic direction IMS is pursuing. Therefore, the current Ethiopian students in a Far East country will continue to be followed up.
  • In order to train and equip missionaries well in the areas of Head, Heart and Hand Knowledge (what missionaries need to know, be and do) IMS is, in cooperation with Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL), working on a curriculum for missionary training.
  • This will be done in the planned Mission Center which will be established in the future. The center will house offices, training facilities and accommodation for missionaries leaving and returning. Renting out of the facility will also generate needed income for the mission work.