Preparations are underway for the 2015 E.C (2022/2023) Mission Day celebration.

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The International Mission Society, which in 2015 will be celebrating its 15th anniversary since the establishment, is preparing to celebrate the occasion in a special way. The celebration of Mission Day is growing year by year, becoming more and more prominent and becoming a manifestation of the EECMY’s own mission identity. Literature Night events for youth are being conducted through the coordination of EECMY-IMS, a literature competition for youth was started this year in congregations which are under the EECMY Addis Ababa synod. Up to now, the literature clubs from more than 10 congregations are participating in monthly gatherings, and the number of participants is growing. Through poetry, oral literature, choreography, short plays and other activities, the young people are developing their potential in these areas.

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